18 Aug

  Myngenoegen's rising debaters outshine competitors in the Junior Leadership Capricorn District Competition and the Motlanalo Debate Contest. POLOKWANE, South Africa (01 August, 2023) ––

 Myngenoegen English Private School's debate team has achieved significant success in two major competitions — the Junior Leadership Capricorn District Competition and the Motlanalo Debate Contest. The team's accomplishments showcase the school's dedication to nurturing critical thinking, effective communication, and leadership skills.

Kundai Mavhurere (far right) Delivering MEPS Team opening remarks. (Left) Opposition team from Dendron Secondary School

 The debate team's victories are celebrated by the proud parents, faculty, and students. This event has shone a light on the hard work, dedication, and intellectual prowess of our young debaters. 

"At Myngenoegen, we pride ourselves on the holistic development of our students, and participation in activities such as debate play a pivotal role," said S.P Pitsi, Principal at Myngenoegen English Private School. "These victories are testament to our commitment to fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity, resilience, and broad development that prepares our students for future challenges and opportunities."

MEPS Debate team and Dendron Secondary School Debate Team preparing to take their seats on stage

 The school aims to continue supporting its students in their diverse interests, recognizing the importance of extra-curricular activities in shaping well-rounded individuals. Plans are already underway to prepare for the next series of competitions, with the school eager to build on the success of the recent contests. 

Kundai Mavhurere Delivering MEPS Team opening remarks

For further information about the debate team, their recent victories, or to learn more about the school's commitment to holistic development, please call 015 263 6040 or email reception@mepsschool.co.za. 

Tshepang Mojapelo delivering a rebuttal in response to the arguments the opposition

Junior Section Commander Detective - Shadi Leshilo (fourth from the left) will be representing MEPS at the Provincial level of the Junior Leadership Capricorn District Competition.

(From Left -Right) Nare Jacky Tsheola, Malebo Molele, Shadi Leshilo and Mrs Kidd

###About Myngenoegen English Private School: Myngenoegen English Private School is a leading educational institution dedicated to providing quality education that caters to the holistic development of its students. The school prides itself on nurturing future leaders by cultivating critical thinking, effective communication, and leadership skills

Review Article 23-29 August 2023