09 Jun

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Recently, one of our young learners suffered a seizure while riding home on the school bus, and the above statement touched us deeply. It was just another Wednesday when our regular students boarded the afternoon bus. As the bus left the school grounds towards the main road, one of our grade 3 learners suffered a seizure. 

When the bus driver heard the screams of the other learners, he reacted immediately. He stopped the bus and rendered aid to the young learner.   As soon as the news reached our office, Mr. Pitsi (Principal) and Mrs. Salem (Operations) rushed to the scene. The bus driver had stabilized the learner.  The learner was dazed and confused but out of danger. 

Our bus driver was none other than Phillip Rammutla of Bahwaduba Bus Services. We must commend Bahwaduba Bus Services not only for having such exceptional drivers, but also for supporting us so well throughout the ordeal. To Mr. Rammutla, as a SCHOOL, as EDUCATORS and as PARENTS of these precious children. We admire your dedication, your passion, and the love you have for your profession. We know our students are in safe hands.  WE APPLAUD YOU SIR!!