25 Jan

Alice was one of the founding members of Meps in 1996. The Principal, Takura Warinda, says she started off by doing everything at school, except teaching.

“In the beginning, she helped with everything and her hands were forever ready to help. When a teacher was not at school, she would look after the learners. In the end, she was the general manager of the school. She was very generous and made sure those from disadvantaged backgrounds could also attend school. She also incorporated the integration of disabled learners at the school.”  

Sandy Pitsi, another colleague of Alice’s, remembers her as compassionate, sensitive and a hard worker. “She was very insightful and more than just a colleague, she was like a mother. She would go out of her way for everyone: learners, teachers and parents. She was able to connect the right people with each other and she was a true philanthropist for children. She was very open-minded and flexible with religion.” Takura explained that because Alice was a co-founder, she was also the custodian of the vision, mission, ethos and culture of the school. “ She made sure that even with modernisation, the school kept its character. 

We all learned something from her. Her death was untimely, unexpected and unplanned. ”Sandy agreed saying they now have big boots to fill and will work as a team to fill her place. “Will Meps still be Meps without Aunty Alice? She is usually the welcoming face the parents see.  Her character brought dignity to the school. We lost a pillar, she was a fountain of knowledge and common sense, as well as a very good advisor. She was the soul of the school.

”Alice is survived by four children, seven grandchildren and the Meps-family. She would have turned 68 on Thursday, 14 January. On her tombstone the words “Grace was her steps, Heaven in her eyes, In every gesture, dignity and love” will be.

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